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Be Positive.. Surely Others Have It Worse

Feeling Positive!

Feeling Positive!

By LIL’AK47 🖤🌹

By LIL'AK47 🖤🌹

By LIL’AK47 🖤🌹

Back On My Feet

Since everything with Kay happened I have slowly been finding the energy, motivation and inspiration to push forward and rebuild what has been broken. But this time, with reinforcement to prevent future repeats.



Kay (LilAK47)

It was a night just like this one.. I still remember it like yesterday.

I will defend your honour and continue building what we started together.. No one has ever made such an impression or impact on my life as you have. I truly am one of the most luckiest people to have had you in my life regardless of the circumstances and situation.

I still think about you..

I still think about you..


Kay & Envy

Keeper Of My Soul (Kay's Wrist)

Keeper Of My Soul (Kay’s Wrist)

We were once changing the world together side by side, I now continue along side your spirit. Until we meet again Kay.. take care.

The Big Guy Upstairs

When was the last time you stopped (I mean really stopped) and had a bit of a chat to the big guy above? It had been quite some time myself. Which is why I decided to pause for a moment while doing my daily deliveries..

'The Big Guy'

‘The Big Guy’